MET Traders - does anyone have experience working for this firm?


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Hi, I am soon to have an interview with a firm called Met traders. Just wondered if anybody works there at the moment, and if anyone could advise me as to the nature of the people who work there - i.e. is it a very laid back atmosphere?, what qualities would the interviewer be looking for in a prospective employee?, and lastly how much prior experience do they expect such an employee to have? I understand they train you for 3 months, but I'm not sure about the level they expect new employees to already be at in terms of trading.

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Thanks for the reply. Just thought I'd mention, I'm actually completely new to trading. The masters that I was studying for was preparing me for more of a middle-back office role, something more along the lines of risk management. It's only until recently that I've had a changed of heart, where I've come to the decision that trading might be of more interest to me, given my personality, and my desire for being more responsible for my own future so to speak at the company. Having won a trading pit game against individuals who have prior experience trading using the online platforms, I reckon I could do quite well in this field. If their training is designed to teach people the basics, that would be a great help.
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