Merry Xmas

Grey1 wishes a nice xmas and a happy new years to all..

May force be with you all in 2004...
A Merry Chistmas and a Happy, Prosperous, and above all Healthy New Year to all of you !
Ditto the above posts.

Happy trading next year.......

Further to Andreas' comments......RW Emerson said "health is the first wealth"

Peace to you all.
a very merry christmas and happy new year to all of yuo

and i include all the anti-war/anti-american
/anti-bush tards :cheesy:

have a great time over the holiday and happy trading next year in yuor pursuit for da madd loot
A Merry Christmas or a happy Holiday to all followed by a healthy, happy successful New Year.

Best Wishes

Hi all,
Merry Christmas to everyone and a prosperous New Year.

ps the phrase "Cool Yule" makes me grind my teeth - so
any other phrases out there - come on - get it off your chest
:D :D :D

Its all over already!

Only another 364 days to go to next xmas!