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I've just done a couple of book reviews to help get things moving.

A couple of points:

1. rating author's expertise - difficult to judge. I'm not sure I'm
competent to judge and just because they write a good book doesn't mean they're expert!!

2. original content - again difficult, what may be new to me might be old hat to many.

3. benefit to my trading - I was conscious here that I am essentially an amateur in a sea of professionals. Benefit to my trading might be meaningless to many.

Maybe the ratings should relate only to the book itself?


Clarity of writing
Clarity of any chart examples
Supportive evidence
etc or some such



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Thanks for the feedback Jon, and apologies for taking such a long time to respond to them.

Reviews are of course subjective, and so I agree that what's useful to one person may be irrelevant to someone else. But while we could pick criteria that relates more to the actual structural/grammatical integrity of the book itself rather that our opinion of the material - and therefore one would hope would be a more accurate objective review - I don't think it's the type of review that member's are looking to read (by all means let me know if I'm making a wrong assumption!). People can usually judge the level of competence of a member by their postings on the forums and therefore make a judgement as to the extent to which the reviews applies to them. Also once we get 3 or 4 reviews we start to be able to draw out similarities of critique that naturally take on a higher prominence.

So for the moment I'm content to keep the ratings as they unless I get some further feedback to support a change.


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Post Anonymous Reviews

We've added a new option on the Reviews section - namely, the ability to post anonymous reviews.

On the review submission page at the bottom underneath the individual ratings, you'll see a checkbox labelled "Post Anonymous Review", by ticking this checkbox you're identity will be hidden and so the name on the review will be merely "Anonymous Member". This option is turned off by default and we'd encourage members not to post anonymously unless they feel it's entirely necessary - since others members are then unable to follow up on any of the points made in the review directly with the member.

However we also appreciate that in certain circumstances members may prefer to post anonymously and therefore we are happy to provide this facility. In order to ensure that this facility isn't abused - the site administrator (only) will still be able to find out who posted a review. And as always we insist the reviewer has a minimum of 5 posts in the forums and the review must be unbiased, fair and independently written or will be removed and the member warned or potentially banned.


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whilst singing the praise of something in a review and remaining anonymous might be okay, I strongly question the decision to allow anonymous reviews... if you aren't prepared to put your name on it, you shouldn't post it!
I can't think of a single good reason to post anonymously.... unless your name is Osama, and you are trying to keep a low profile.
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