medved quotetracker any info please?


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Any advice on pro's con's of quotetracker please?Does anyone use it?What feed do u use with it?Any info would be much appreciated thanks?I would like to trade the Dow wondering if this would be good sound option?
many thanks
feed info please?

thanks for quick reply Paul!Can u advise what the free feed is?How do i get it?As i want to trade dow daily is the free feed the best option or maybe mytrack?or some other?
many thanks
I dont know which feed is free unless you use the IB datafeed ? I use but it is not free.

Try Scottrade, you need to register with Scottrade but it is free. You can then get a live Dow chart.

Thanks for info on scottrade went to register but they dont appear have option for uk adresses is this where u have to give false address to register?
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Its been a while since I went through the registration process and can't remember if I used a fake address or not - but if you need a fake address it won't take much searching to find one, I think someone used Scottrades own address to register!! :)

you can use the feed for US indices from

just select it in the index panel and choose from the list


A non subscribed can no longer be used in QT for indices as from about 2 days ago.

I was out of town and didn't have access to all my links, so could not answer earlier - has been removed as a source for news in QuoteTracker and the indices are for paid subscribers only.

For indices - we just released support for PCQuote (free). Should support same type of symbols as

For News (US) - you can select one of the other sources.