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Good day everybody.

please is anyone using the above software,

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Don't like the look of the website and can't find how much they are charging. They might generate trading signals but that will only help if you have the ability to trade them.

There are lots of these companies trying to make money out of traders. As usual, the question is, if the signals were that good, why are they selling them and not trading them?
This is the company which produces the Star Trader program - £5,000 I believe.

There have been other threads here about it, and from memory I don't recall one single positive comment.

But surely no-one is going to spend £5,000 on a CD program which supposely picks out stock picks? Just use Sharescope at £12 per month and sort for all stocks where the 50 ma has crossed above the 200 ma, or even those where the price has closed above the 200 ma.

The 200 ma is, I believe, used by those institutions who actually bother with TA (most don't). Obviously there's a lot more to be considered, such as risk contol, money management, etc, but if you get Sharescope, play around with it, dabble at £1 a point with spread betters, then at least you've got £5,000 to play with and lose before you are any worse off. And in the meantime you will learn so much about actually trading stocks.

All companies selling black box systems appeal to the greed factor of the general public who believe that the stock market is the easy peasy way to make money, but anyone who trades will tell you the total opposite.
Following on from the 200MA, two FTSE 100 companies became buys using Weinsteins method yesterday. The first ones for a long long time.

Kingfisher was one and I forget the other, will have to consult ShareScope again!

what were the moving averages Weinstein used....I have forgotten?
50 ma and the 200 ma are popular. the financial institutions have a price target in mind when they instruct their traders and use some form of price channelling to keep them within range.

the analysts will use the 50 ma and 200 ma for their recommendations on stocks, but they use it in context of the daily charts, with the investment horizon being a year.

remember moving averages are used for spotting trends, so be wary using them as indicators for trading.