Massive Dilemma - Job offer from a top investment bank


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You're a bit long in the tooth to be jumping ship. You'd be backed up behind all the bright young things already at the IB so your prospects would have been limited. Sounds from your comments on your work ethic, hours, and pay band like you're not too much of a mover and shaker in your current role. You probably did the right thing as it wouldn't have taken them too long to realize their mistake.

+++ As others above have said, asking for help and advice after you accidentally made the right decision rather underlines why you are where you are.

She's a bit precious isn't she........... :LOL:


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Forget both options, become a day trader and be you own boss, if your any good you'll make more money that way and have more control over your life. (y)

The downside is you'll spend most of your life reading trading forums, but the access to p0rn sites isn't restricted.

Just my opinion. :whistling
well trading wouldn't be trading without access to the real world. Not going to post linkys on here as I'm sure the moderators are against such practises even though I'm pretty certain they have a private stash.:cool:


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I'm not as experienced as many on this forum, so you may want to take the following with a grain of salt as it's hearsay.

That said, I think you should have taken it regardless of desire for work/life balance. Yes, I hear the hours are brutal in IB and you'll likely have to play the office politics game on top. On the other hand, you do IB for the exit opportunities and the higher pay grade down the line. It may not have paid that much off the bat, but should have quickly climbed in the next couple years.

This is assuming you value these things more than a steady 9-5 job that pays ok. That's my take on it, anyway.
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