Market Tutors Candlestick Trading Course


Has any one heard any reports about a mail order course run by ?
Is there candlestick method any good ? or should I just buy a good book ?
I agree with BCT the Nisson book is about as good as it gets for Candlestick charting and in my view will not be beaten by purchasing a course.


Agree whole-heartedly with support for reading 'The Book', but also note that Steve is over here doing a 2-day (into + advanced) September 9-10 this year.

£675 to T2W members - IMSC

Now, that's abit more than the book (app. £55), but you might get quite a bit more from 2 days with they guy himself than just from the book.

Depends on your training budget I guess.
We're hopefully going to do a prize draw to win a place for the 2 days - so keep an eye out for a partner offer email next week. And you're right TheBramble, T2W members get £100 off when booking the two days together - have a look on the events calender for more info.
Agree with the above posts- Nison is the Bible on Jap. Candlesticks.

I picked the book up for around £20 second hand on the net.
Amazed at it's condition- like brand new. :D

Cheers Ls
I did the course. Actually very good (I mean at least I'm making money). You get 2 books and the software is great. You also seem to get daily newsletters as well - they show you what trades they are making, and in the last 2 months since i did the course are 80% accurate. I have phoned them a few times and they are also bl**dy helpful. They seem to trade for a living and always have ideas on the market. For me it worked. Much better than a book (I got two more on candlesticks anyway) for me because they also cover money management etc. And yes, I had already wasted money on Vince's course.
Hi Markjpwill

Hows the trading going?Is the course with market tutors worth the money?Do they trade indicies?Are you making the decisions based on the software or is it a combination?Anyone else using the candlestick trader software with market tutors how r u getting on?
Finally whats everyone views on candlestick trading?How would use it?
I see that Market-Tutors advertise that they have "Award Winning Software" Which organisation gave this award ?

The software program that 'Market Tutors' use. I believe, is the one created by Matheny Enterprises, and is called ' Pattern Forecaster +'. The website below will give you more info:
My "Candelaabra" trading system incorporates Candlestick charting. Catches reversals. "Candlesticks on Steroids." I can send you new audio-video "Introduction to Candelaabra" if you would like to have it. [email protected]