Market Structure Confirmation


Hi everyone,

I would like to know if this is a market structure break CHOCH, yes or no and why? or why not.

Which one are correct? even though the market is already showing somehow.



Thanks again
There isn't an absolute right or wrong with TA like this on a chart. The chart is evidence of what the the market has done, not of what it will do next. What you call the price action - whether you call it a ChoCh or something else - is your subjective analysis. It's not universal, but it can be very useful for you to guide your trade decision-making.

If you're following someone else's rules that feature ChoCh in their strategy, then that strategy should define what price action looks like in order to show a ChoCh. If the strategy is ambiguous or too complex to use safely, change strategies.
Thank you for your reply - I hear you - but lets find out if this one is good or not - what is your strategy?

Most of my trades are long-term trend-following - basically, the old technique of buy on the dips. I run some shorter-term trades based on Smash Day candlestick set-ups.
I guess, on weekdays the pattern looks better, compare to the weekends ones - little messy though.

This one did not plat out - the Choch wasnt really convincing anyway - right at New York Open also...