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Hi, i notice there has been a little debate on trading arcades as a platform for trading on this board. I have an interview with the following:

Could anyone give me their opinion on it, whether it is legit etc. I have very limited knowledge.

I am of the opinion that if this isnt that great a deal is it not worth doing for a couple of years for the training.

The deal is £650 per month and a split in profit of 50% once debts (profit and loss) has been cleared. The software rental, which i assume is the desk fees is £1000 per month.



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I admit I know nothing about trading arcades but a desk fee of £1000pm seems a lot. What would you expect to get for that? Is it just use of a PC, trading links (data connections) and software or does it give you access to trade larger amounts of capital than you otherwise would be able to trade? If the former I would have thought £1000pm seems a lot. I can buy a decent PC for £1000, broadband 30ppm and one off cost for software well....anywhere between 50-1000. Maybe someone could clue me in on the advantages of trading with an arcade?

Thanks in advance.



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I've looked at a lot of arcades myself but have never come across the above company, so not sure about the reputation. One company I know has a good reputation is Trading Connections. There are also other companies who are well known such as, Saxon Financial, Mac Trading Services, Schnider etc, which you can find on the LIFFE access page.


As you quite rightly point out you can in fact cover the cost of setting up in your own home with what it costs you for the monthly fee's at an arcade. Arcades style of trading is scalping where the cost of transaction is paramount to making money. Because of there larger size (e.g. sometimes up to 100-150 traders) they can negotiate with the clearer for a much lower round turn cost (typically £1.00) than an individual could hope for.

Arcades generally have very fast connections and one i know of has analysts who watch news feeds so that they can give traders good ideas on how certain items may effect the markets. Some arcades are really well equipped and have things like pool tables and relaxation rooms as well. They were originally setup for LIFFE floor traders who were out of work and some like the routine of travelling into the city as though they were still working at a normal job.

If you were taking longer positions I dare say that it would be better value for money to work from home.

Hope this helps

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