Market Breadth Analysis 13/08/01


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Movin on up....the Bears are hanging in the balence,and the Bulls are slowly advancing.....


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Martin - Interesting stuff. Programming this into AIQ EDS is beyond my skills, but do you have any objection if I put this to the AIQ-EDS group on Yahoo to get some code written? As I've intimated before, this is just crying out to be plotted as an indicator, and it should be easy!



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Roger. You are missing the point here! I run an EDS to get the numbers, and then drop the numbers into Excel.

BigRise if [close]> [high]*0.99 and [close]>[open].
upone if [close]> val([close],1).
CloseUp if BigRise and upone.

BigDrop if [close]< [Low]*1.01 and [close]<[open].
uptwo if [close]< val([close],1).
CloseDown if BigDrop and uptwo.

up5 if [close]> val([close],1)*1.05.

BigDrop1 if [close]< val([close],1)*0.95.
Down5 if BigDrop1.

Don't blame me if I got the maths wrong.
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