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trying to spot the entry


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There is a shortcut.


While you’re working on all you need to sort out to ensure your trading is approaching perfection (intelligent setups, timely and accurate datafeed, adequate platform resource, adequate capital, trading plan, money management, risk management, entry criteria, stop placement, trade development profile, execution plan etc) pretend you’re the trader you know you’ll need to be n order for all of that to work OK.

Maintain a Distance from your Actions. Keep an Objective and Detached View of all you’re doing and Develop a Deep Sense of Not Caring. You’ll need to pretend in the beginning, but it gets much easier. Your successes will ensure that.

Pretend! What a great Idea. Most people should just pretend that they are a trader. That way they can pretend to make as much money as they want. They can then pretend to be an expert and post on a trading website....brilliant!
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While discussing matters of the Unconscious, the Unconscious performs many tasks for us. By definition, many of these are carried out without our conscious awareness. Even something as superficial as selection of our nick for a bulletin board says a lot more about how we really perceive ourselves than would any self-directed explication attempting the same task on a conscious level.

The ability to continually shrug off learnings, completely and successfully miss the point on each and every occasion and take the most circuitous routes possible in order to eschew even the most basic comprehension of issues of apparently direct relevance and interest, no matter how frequently provided, or how fully detailed or how expertly delivered, is a skill in its own right – providing one wishes to live up to one’s name of course.

Some are born to be born anew each new day, unfettered by past mistakes or learnings and free of any past experience to assist or interfere with the delightful process of having to go through the basics, each and every day, again and again, time after time.
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