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Mr Options Sir

Ah the search engine bots are back again. They seem to spend most of their time here at the moment. Poor little things. They've got a lot of searching to do, to find all the posts. :rolleyes:

Bots - if your reading this, Go forth my friends :p


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dont think you should say that FB.

the rest of the quotation is " and multiply"

that way there will be more bots than members ?

FTSE Beater

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I think they'll need more than what they've got. There's something like 50,000 posts to look through :eek:


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Google also had a good sniff around. This means our site has probably moved up the search rankings.


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Options, you may be right.

Viewing is one thing a robot could do and then report back

But "Creating" is a particularly human attribute.

In the animal worls, only humans leave behind what they have created.

And sending emails to a member means one of us is a 'plant' !

It isn't you is it ?
It's not me !


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