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From his latest Mail Shot!
"Michael Johnson was forced to stay at home and find an
alternate source of income after a debilitating stroke.

While he already had some knowledge about trading from books
he found in a Hong Kong bookstore, he was desperate to find
a way to create a source of income for himself.

But what happened later was absolutely amazing!

You see, after his 3-hour operation and several weeks in the
intensive care unit, he had more time to himself and spent a
lot of it researching the options and futures market.

And suddenly ... He "cracked the code!"

(It's as if the operation JOGGED something in his brain!) :eek:

He discovered a simple, unique yet winning formula that
virtually put his trading on "steroids!" Today, Michael
consistently achieves an uncanny 70-85% success rate! :cheesy:

That's 7 winners out of 10! Again and again and again". :rolleyes:
Crikey - another person who has had a near-death experience which transformed them overnight into a super trader with the necessity to sell their system!
Ah Haaaa,

maybe this is why I'm not making any money.

Maybe I should jump of a building and if someone catches me or I bounce, then I qualify for a 'Near Death' experience and then I will become a TRADER.
Err, no -
you'd just qualify as a 'Dead Cat Bounce' surely?
Gotta scoot, Jimmy's watch is calling and now I've discovered where Braniac was secretly hiding the green Kryptonite...

I got the mailshot as well..............unfortunately just deleted it.

Later email............??

In response to my last email promoting the 'Three Bears' I have
received some emails from disappointed and offended members of
this list.

My initial response was defensive and dismissive, but these
emails have prayed on my mind and have been a catalyst in
helping me to reconsider what I am doing and where I want my
web business to go.

Here is what I no longer want to do:

1) I don't want to promote over priced or worthless courses.
2) I don't want to promote my material (or have my material
promoted)using hype .

Here is what I do want to do:

1) I want the success of my web business to be determined by
the quality of my own material and thinking about trading
2) I want to make a good return from the efforts I put into my
web business.

I have thought on and off for many months about putting
together a members only subscription web site. My fear has been
about the commitment that such a venture would require from me.
Why I love trading is that I don't have commitments; no one is
dependent on me and I am not dependent on anyone. So putting
myself into a position where I have a commitment to my members
is daunting for me.

At the same time (I have realised tonight) if I am to continue
with my web business it has to be on a level where I feel I am
offering real value. Right now I think a members only web site
is the best way forward.

Over the next couple of days I will put together a proposal.
This will include an overview of the likely content and
features of the web site and the cost (which I want to keep
low). If you have any suggestions for content, please email me
your ideas.

Finally, please accept my apologies for falling into the
marketing trap. I am burning my bridges here and my only way
forward is to create a web site of real value to traders.

I appreciate your time and attention.

Kind regards
Malcolm Robinson
A "Road to Damascus" type conversion by Malcolm?
I did have a near death experience once.. I was long three stocks and some idiot found Anthrax in the white house..

After that I went back to drawing board and designed a pair trading strategy ..
Ok ok, I realised as soon as I hit the send button that this promotion was a mistake. It is probably a load of rubbish (I getting a copy to review and will give my opinion). One of my list members has told me that this guy has promoted a number of systems including a horse racing one, which doesn't sound good.

I am going to stop doing all promotions and focus on supporting my customers. It has been tempting though as with a large mailing list commissions on selling other peoples products are significant (many thousand a time). But in the longer term it is definitely lose lose, my business will only flourish through offering valuable support.

As everyone on this site is aware, trading is a tough business and success is not just about finding a strategy that works. That is perhaps the easy part. The difficulty comes from implementing the strategy and that is when we come face to face with out own, mainly unconscious, limitations.

In my experience, it is my core beliefs that determine my current potential for success, but identifying and changing these beliefs is a major challenge. My experience of learning to stick to my loss limits, reported in one of my articles, was really about my struggle to change a core belief. If anyone reading this has a problem cutting losses, then I am certain that you have a belief that conflicts with this behaviour. To me at the time, taking a loss was the same as admitting defeat, the same as being a loser, which is why I struggled with it for so long.

The beauty of changing a belief though, is that the offending behaviour is lost for good. I have given up smoking and drinking with the same approach. (Both were a problem for me).

One way to change our beliefs is to submerse ourselves in material that supports the beliefs we want to adopt, i.e. education. It is education that I propose to focus on in my web business rather than mindless promotion. I have done the promotion bit and I am fed up with it.
M Robinson

And so you should be. If u sow 'crap', u should expect to reap it! If you promote great stuff, there'll be no reason for you to get 'fed up'.

Focus on integrity throughout your work as best u know how and watch those regrets disappear... :D
Malcolm Robinson

Another seller of dreams.

And yes Malcolm it is sad that you've fallen into the marketing trap, but what else could you do because ultimatly that's your job (or one of them) to market dreams to people who should know better.