Lotus & Approach


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if there are any users of Lotus 1-2-3 and Approach, would they
make themselves known to me please.

I have a problem.
:D :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

Yes I know all about the Lotus 123 on approach.

1. Brake hard, racing line on approach

2. Knock it down to 2nd

3. Back on the gas, floor it on exit, red line it and change gear.

Don't know anything about the other stuff. Sorry.
I guess that's you I see going down the Romford road then ?

(in my rear view mirror) !
RR. On the track with good visibility, I agree. (Watch the spin out though). But on the mean streets you have to get full power back on a little bit later because you have to make sure the kiddie winks aren't crossing the street. (They make an awful mess on the windscreen, Have to use super strength screen cleaner to dislodge the little darlings. The old ladys come off quite easily as their grip is never what it used to be.)

Bonsai. Lol, yes it probably is. Traffic is always nose to tail along there.

Before anyone complains. I am only joking.
well you'd better get your nose out of my tail or you may get
an unexpected surprise in a minute. !