Looking for some work experience during gap year


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Hello, i'm going to be taking a gap year before heading off to university but i really wanted to get some experience of a trading environment before i head off; because i'm passionate about trading rather than wanting to run off and party at university (Although that will be cool too). I've got a whole year and what better way to spend it than getting involved in some trading :D I already trade succesfully at home having taught myself to trade but i find it can get a bit lonely and therefore working with others in an office would be invaluable to my education and i'm also very creative and can come up with alot of new ideas! I'm very quick-thinking, very ambitious, willing to work very hard and i have a lot of interest in trading.

So is there any possibility that i can gain some work experience in a trading environment and how would i go about gaining this?

Thanks :)

- David

I am in exactly the same poisition as you. I am currently finishing my year out and going to UNI in september. I was priviledged to get a place in a prop trading firm in NYC, so will be heading there in the summer. Do you have any contacts within the industry? Or just get on the phones and see what you can get!
Nope, no contacts, however i have what i would call a good track record in trading ?

My gap year hasn't begun yet so i have time, how was the working experience?

Amplify may be able to help, i think they are putting in a place an internship for UNI students who are on holiday to get trading experience, not sure where they're at as it was only briefly mentioned, but by all means have a chat with Piers who is the head of trading.