Looking for a partner to combine forces in Forex quantitative trading effort


About myself and what I am looking for:

I have an engineering degree in robotics but ended up working as a programmer for banks and financial institutions for 10+ years. Fell in love with day trading. Started using my analytical and programming knowledge in attempts to do algo trading.

Over time I started noticing two major problems.
1st: a chronic lack of time due to trading, coding and analyzing large amount of data all by myself.
2nd: my analytical thinking sometimes goes into overdrive due to the fact that I start overthinking and overanalyzing and eventually get into "Analysis Paralysis" stupor. The result is that I was performing better when not analyzing at all.

So, while it is most probably a very long shot, I decided to look for a partner with the same passion in order to combine our efforts.

I am looking for a long-term partner with trading experience, a thinker who can push back on my ideas and who can come up with his/her own ideas, who is good with analysis and not looking for a handholding to keep going. If I feel that I have to teach "how stuff works" or handholding will have to be involved, this is an automatic deal breaker.
Having a mathematical degree (especially in statistics) - HUGE asset.
Had experience or attempted quantitative trading - HUGE asset.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: if you HONESTLY believe you have a fool-proof working strategy or trading algo, please, DO NOT CONTACT ME. It only means that you are either delusional or did not have enough experience to understand the randomness of the market and the theory behind the statistics of trading.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you believe you can grab and run with the ideas/systems we may develop together, good luck. It may keep you going for a while until the model decay loop catches up with you and brings you back to where you started. Successful quantitative trading is teamwork. Investment of time and brain power is way too high to be able to pull it on your own in the long term unless you can afford to hire the army of employees. I cannot afford it so, looking to supplement some lack of it with a long-term partner in order for us to benefit from the investment of combined time and brain.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: due to financial leveraging benefits, I only interested in trading Forex (and may be market index futures)
I'm UK based. MSc in Computer Science (concentration in Financial Computing), spent a few years working in the hedge fund industry after graduating, in risk management and analytics/modelling roles, across both equities and macro/futures.

Left that in 2012 and became a ML architect, specialising helping companies to deploy ML at scale. Currently involved in various things, but spending quite a bit of time working on algo trading systems, both on my own and also with some ex colleagues from hedge fund days.

PM me if you think there's something there