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Hey folks!

Anyone know anything about this crowd?
I made a few applications to job ads I saw online and this crowd got back to me. I've to book in for a phone interview.

The ad was for a "Fx Prop-Trading position".

Hope you are all well!



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I am expecting them to try sell me one of their trading courses, which I'm not interested in.

Just wondering what you folks might know about them.


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I've got a phone interview with them at 1pm, so will soon find out.

Another similar job application was responded to by Samuel & Co Trading the other day. Turns out that they wanted me to do their course (1.2k), after which I would be given a 20k account, with a 50/50 split on profits and no basic salary.

I laughed...

In order to match my current low paying job of 17.4k per annum, I'd have to make 200% a year on the 20k account. That was the end of that conversation :)


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Seems very much like all they want to do is sell me "training".
I feel like I could have said anything at all, and I would have made it to phase 2 where I speak to a senior trader.

Oh, well...


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Yes its a bit chicken and egg, very few trading houses offer training, you really need to have a trading strategy and cut your teeth on the Retail trading systems such as Interactive, then when you are ready have the capital to back yourself at one of the few Trading companies. 80% of the list on this website have gone, squeezed with rising costs and falling volumes and of course the Algo systems which stripped a lot of the edge out the markets. However paying for training is a bit of a mugs game, if you go on one of these "courses" and they don't offer you a place nobody else will touch you. To be honest most of these are run by traders who cant make money any other way, so hardly a great recommendation.
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