Liverpool v Auxerre


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Great result!!!! I got really bored watching this but was impressed by the Aux. agility. Stunning. I'd given up on a goal and then Hyppia out of the blue. :)

What a superb victory on a less than easy pitch - well it wasn't really a pitch, more of a patch - work - quilt!!

It took Sami Hyypia to score, but who cares. It's a great win :)

So what happened to Arsenal? the only England team not to win in Europe this week :(

Ah Well, I'm going to enjoy this while I can - Bring on Birmingham!!!
Q: Does GH take delight in fielding two of the most unskilful full backs in living memory? JC is frankly not up to the level needed - fine if your ambition is limited to top 8 in the (over-rated) Premiership, but against class european sides - forget it period.
Does he honestly think they are going to win anything with the up and under style that players like Carragher encourage teams to play? We are so far behind the top 3 at the moment it's not funny - and he's had years and £££ to get blend right. LFC is not a grooming place for bright young francophone under 23's!
What say you you Reds out there? This can't be right when you see the level at which Arsenal are playing now.
I think Babbel was the intended replacement for JC, but things happen.

I think JC is a good defender, just hasn't got the ability to go forward.

The major disappointment for me has been Diouf. When he was playing up front, he drifted wide. Now he's on the wing he's not doing any better.

Arsenal are in a different class at the moment, but they still have a lot to prove against European opposition.

I don't like the up and under play, but teams are defending so deep against us, that we can't really do much about it :(

Onwards and upwards, here's to beating Birmingham
Hey guys


Doesn't anyone want to mention Liverpool V Man.U.???

And ESPECIALLY the way Man.U. were outplayed for most of the game.

PLUS two spectacular goals from Gerrard and Owen

Yes, yes I know its the Worthless cup (so don't even go there) but silverware is silverware... :D
Yes, excelent "back to form" Liverpool! they could have had more....Dudek man of the match for me. A lesser Keeper nad Man U would have cleaned up. Man U had bad luck and Liverpool had good luck. That's the way it goes.... :)
I'm still trying to decide if we were lucky or not. Either way it doesn't matter - the first silverware of the season goes to us.

Crisis - what Crisis :D
Houllier must go for the following reasons.

#110m pounds of players ae now worth little more than 60m.
#Heskey is playing
#Babbel is not playing
#Too much rotation
#No good strikers- including the revoltingly over-rated M.Owen ( a glorified Andy Cole)
#No wingers
#Cheyrou not playing - maybe bcuz he is creative
#Selling of Litmanen (ledge)
#Smicer's continued involvment
#Liverpool being the insomniac's best friend
We''ll take a vote on this when we have knocked Celtic out of the UEFA on our way to 2nd trophy of year. Could be 2 more than Utd after all. And 1 more than Arsenal...
u guys know noone can beat arsenal on their day. europe is proving to be disappointing, though a good result against roma will pretty much see us through to the quarters, and u cant argue against that. At that stage in Europe normally luck or moments of sublime skill win games.
Oh no. Not another Arsenal supporter :(

I have to agree though, I think Arsenal are unstoppable, until it gets to europe, then they just seem to roll over and die.
It hasn't taken me long to find some fellow reds on this site.
Pity though i have to agree with Lord Jamla.
Maybe at the end of this season he will go - i'm hoping!!!

that's why we must not get that 4th spot cos that would be another excuse to keep him on..................he's done his best but it's time 4 someone else to help move the team forward.