Live forever with ebay


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But what are they?

And where do you put them?

And once you've put them there, can you get them out again without surgery?

Is there a descirption anywhere of what they're supposed to be?


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They immortality rings, put them on your fingers and you live forever :)


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Just what I need. Do you think they work then? Seems like a good deal to me! £12 and I can live forever! Cheaper than a coffin. Just think, if I live forever, I can hold than losing position until it comes back - which it will one day Im sure - better buy my broker some as well then.


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Twalker - I'd get some if I were you! If you can live forever, you can get rid of the parachute and just dig the air!

Evel Kenivel - eat your heart out!


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LOL - I was wondering how long it would take for that one to emerge. I just couldnt find the words to be as diplomatic as that.
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