Live forever with ebay


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But what are they?

And where do you put them?

And once you've put them there, can you get them out again without surgery?

Is there a descirption anywhere of what they're supposed to be?


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Just what I need. Do you think they work then? Seems like a good deal to me! £12 and I can live forever! Cheaper than a coffin. Just think, if I live forever, I can hold than losing position until it comes back - which it will one day Im sure - better buy my broker some as well then.


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Twalker - I'd get some if I were you! If you can live forever, you can get rid of the parachute and just dig the air!

Evel Kenivel - eat your heart out!


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LOL - I was wondering how long it would take for that one to emerge. I just couldnt find the words to be as diplomatic as that.


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Sweet! Thats on my 'favourites' now! Nice one. This should keep me busy for weeks!

Reminds me of the City on 12th June 99! What a day! ( I narrowly dodged a good beating by The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros)


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Yeah, one guy went out to get some cofees and got handcuffed by one of the swampy lot to a railing.
I think that was the year when they broke into LIFFE and a few of the locals had photocopied a load of 50 pound notes that they started throwing at them down the escalators to see how true they were to their anti capitalist sentiments.


LOL these suckers are back are they?

I remember these amazing 'Immortality rings' produced by the famed Alex Chiu, with people pushing them left right and center using his partnership scheme!



lol tribute site here:
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