Libya wises up, realize that USA/UK Coalition are not to be messed with. Gives up WMD


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....very good article...something that will never be printed in west... proves one point that politicians have knack of 'brainwashing' the public..and 'conditioned' public are easily led - as they have lost the ability and intelligence to question or interrogate......


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well that's as may be.

Now what about the UK?

Now let me see.. we exported arma to Iraq, invaded them in 1922, bombed them, fought WW2 in Iraq, supported Jordan ( a keen supporter of SH) etcetc..

So lets have some show trials in the UK.. First off. all Governments since 1969 when SH came to power? :)


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Sometimes you have to get in bed with B******s to try and kick the even Bigger B*******S out.

If the US hadn't helped AFGHANISTAN (not the Taliban as such) then USSR would have taken over, then Pakistan next, then India..........

If the US hadn't helped Saddam in the 80's the Fundamentalist terror would have started years earlier than it did.

You may have noticed that the US hasn't chosen to bomb countries that act as normal standards dictate - it certainly has the capability to do so.

I notice you never mentioned Bosnia, which the European Union ask the US to bomb on it's behalf.

You need to look at the bigger picture.

I trust your son hasn't got a Soviet name, and your family don't join bread queues each morning? You can thank ONLY the USA for that!

If you had to befriend and help a right evil B*****d in order to protect your family, I suggest you would do so. Any decent person would.

PS. There wouldn't be much use for this site if the USSR had not been prevented taking over, BY THE USA.


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"If the US hadn't helped AFGHANISTAN (not the Taliban as such) then USSR would have taken over, then Pakistan next, then India.........."

The "Domino Theory" was discredited after the US lost the Vietnamese war .. and the rest of the area did NOT turn Communist.

The US never managed to hold Afghanisatn, Britain failed and the US is just following history.

(BTW I suggest reading history does help in avoiding a repetition of prior errors)


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History demonstrates that if you turn your head and ignore a problem, that problem will grow.

Same as trading really.

It's very fashionable to knock the goodies and praise the baddies, but it's intellectually unsound.


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It’s often said that the truth is one of the first casualties of war; but speaking of facts, I suggest that you would learn more if you were to find out who really armed Sadam over the past three decades: you’ll find out more here – assuming that is, that you really want to?! :)

It doubt if anyone will accuse the Campaign Against the Arms Trade of being pro-American, but it seems that CAAT believes that France and Soviet Union were the villains of the “peace”, and that by comparison UK and US had little involvement in the arming of Sadam.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is also a good source of material and you can check out their database of articles from a range of reputable sources, such as: WAO, FIIA, CIDOB and NATO here .





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Mayfly. You are intentionally confusing the issue with facts. That is NOT what they want to hear. The point is what have the Romans ever done for us?



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Mayfly pointed out some FACTS.

Can we now look forward to your condemnation of France:

Major arms supplier to Saddam

Invader of Indo China

Invasion and mass slaughter in Algeria

And condemnation of the USSR:

Major arms supplier to Saddam

Invader of Afghanistan

Mass slaughter of 4000 Polish officers in 1940

Killed 20 millon of it's own citzens.

We await your condemnation. I mean, you wouldn't want to be accused of being a wishy washy left wing liberal who only bashes the US and conveniently ignores the others - would you?


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where have I bashed the US alone in this thread?

I just pointed out some facts..

Of course the French killed 000s in Algeria nad the Russians millions as well.

Now who were our allies in WW2? France and Russia...

All I am trying to point out to the people who post a one sided view of the world is that things are never that simple..

After all, the US killed about 250,000 civilians with nuclear bombs...

And we killed millions of Africans in our empire.. and Indians and we killed lots of Irish and so-on.

If you want to claim we are perfect go on...


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<i>After all, the US killed about 250,000 civilians with nuclear bombs</i>

Germany killed 6 million Jews in its concentration camps.
Germany killed 7 million Russians in WWII
Germany killed 6 million Allied soldiers in WWI

Shouldn't we therefor just nuke Germany?

The Americans have a bit of credit left let so are playing catch-up.

This thread really is ridiculous, War kills, no Country is perfect, politicians less so.



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No one seems to be suggesting that US is the only country in the world that does evil things,but there again none are signing their posts GOD BLESS WHOEVER!!
The point is that you are very naive to believe that the US does its evil deeds for the good of humanity.They bomb countries with impunity whenever it suits their political needs.Again,I say that I doubt if any US poitician could name the countries they have bombed since WW2.
Saddam sealed his fate in Nov 2000 when he switched the currency of Iraq's oil from the Dollar to the Euro.It was then that the US decided to take him out.Not Sept11,not Bin Laden,not Afghanistan,not WMD.Of course they restored the Dollar after taking Baghdad!!!

Next in line is Iran.The government announced last year that they may switch the oil currency from the Dollar to the Euro(poor b*ggers).

Darren with your obsession about reds under the bed,I suggest you pay tribute not to the US but to the Afghans.They are the ones who led,directly and indirectly,to the collapse of the Russian Empire.

You need a level 2 screen to see what the Market Makers(politicians)are doing Darren!!!!!!!!!
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