Lecture Room Setup


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For those of you that can get onto Paltalk without further instructions,there is a room setup today called T2W. This is under the group heading "miscellaneous". This will be open for the rest of the day, most of tomorrow, and all of next week from 9 til 5 and from 7 til 10pm.
You should "add pal" ChartMan1 and trade2win to your pals list. If you see ChartMan1 on line, then the room will be open.
To get Paltalk, goto http://www.paltalk.com and click on the "sign In" button.Fill in al the registration details, and pick the same username as you use in the chatrooms (if you can). Once all that is done, it will tell you to click the "download" button. This will then automatically install and run PalTalk.Once logged on, goto the top and "add pal" as above.Then goto "groups" and select "miscellaneous" at the bottom and double click. Then find "T2W" room and double click to enter.
If you haven't got this sorted by next Sunday evening, we can't help you on the night!!!!

lastly the room is password protected. The password is....trade2win

Good luck
Paltalk room for Lecture

Unable to find T2W at paltalk under 'Miscellaneous'. Pleaase advise.
Hi Miccan,

Welcome to the site, I've checked myself just now and can't see it either. I'm not all that familiar with Paltalk so I'll speak to Chartman and find out why/when the site appears - perhaps between 5pm and 7pm it doesn't show at the weekend either. Foe everyone who hasn't used Paltalk, I'm putting together a guide to explain how to install and set it up to access the lectures - it will be available before the first voice lecture next sunday.

OK folks, I've just added the instructions for accessing the voice room to the Chat Rooms overview page - http://www.trade2win.co.uk/chat/

So that should give members plenty of time to set up the software and make sure it's working ok before the lecture next Sunday.


If I've missed out anything or anything is unclear in the instructions please let me know.