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I hate to lose.  It’s just such a bad feeling when I lose.  Everything else in my life I can pretty much force my way and prevail – but trading has my number.  And I know that losing is part of trading, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take a loss.  It’s one thing to tell yourself that platitude, but it’s quite another to actually take a series of losses and see your P/L shrinking.  It’s getting harder to keep my winning attitude when I lose, so I have to push myself even more.  I can see what I’m doing is not working, but I keep on doing it hoping that through sheer determination things will turn around.
Your Winning Mindset Is Killing Your Trading
To be successful, traders must travel down a collision course between two equal, but very opposite, forces.  First is the force (deeply rooted in the survival instincts of our species) that wants to win (and in particular, not to lose) and make things happen.  This is a trait that is hard wired into human response patterns...

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good article

this is definitely worth a read .......personally i have been spending a lot more time on the emotional and psychological side of my trading ....it is monumentally important once the more mechanical elements of your trading strategy are in place

humans are not programmed to trade ......it’s completely alien to our wiring .....so we need to get our heads as comfortable as possible with the inevitable losses we take in the course of everyday trading activity

we all tell ourselves we have to accept losses .....but it’s your subconscious that has to be persuaded .....and that’s a tough order at times of high stress and emotional turmoil.

if you work with psychology coaches they will train you like athletes and the military ....i won’t go into detail as it’s a specialist field ......but it’s all about focusing on what you can control and leaving the rest to fate.....you can only do your best ......outcomes are just outcomes .....keep your head down.....and grind out success over time

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