Leading Indicators as Opposed to Lagging Indicators


Other than:

Time and Sales
Level II

Are there any other leading indicators that anyone can think of ?




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cci is said to lead, and true strength gives an insight as do oversold/bought. Macd is said to be both a leading and a lagging indicator.
But the only foolproof and easily the best way to back market direction with a near 100% success rate is to find out if I have gone long or short and then do the opposite.


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None lead all of the time. Some lead some of the time. ( rarely)
I have seen RSI and CCI indicate a breakout before the price breaks. I consider this an exception.


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Sometimes market breadth indicators will lead by showing divergence from price. Not to be taken singly, but great when they all sing off the same hymn sheet. E.g. AD indicator, HiLo indicator. Also Volume Price trend. But as Chartman says, none lead consistently, or it would be easy.


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The axe.He dosn't look at any oscillator.Watching his antics is the most leading signal there is.

Sometimes you think i don't know whats going on but i know a man who does and his name is the axe.Shadow him and understand his moves (thats a key part) and you don't need any oscillator.

He can fool most people who look at a chart,ie false break out,break down etc,etc.A gap that dosnt seem to be filling,then wow! he turns around and goes for it.Are his moves straight forward?No.He's hardly going to put his hands up and tell every one his true intentions.But get to know the level 2 screen well and get to know the axe in your stock and you've got a leading indicator.
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Thank you to everyone who has replied, this is an interesting area for me and one I will be looking into a lot more.



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Are there any other leading indicators that anyone can think of ?

Funny you should mention it, but the answer you seek to the question you ask is inside
the question itself. I suggest you read your own question carefully.
The tragedy is that the great majority of people are not able to do it.


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Paul - I try not to second guess the market, unless both price, volume and volatility are all in tune. I let my edge take its course (to the bank!). I know that there is no such thing as a crystal ball, and you never know when out of the blue the market is going to be put up or put down in one fell swoop (was anyone in NPSP when it moved to 23.80 earlier - jumped 50c in 2 seconds, T+S showed this to be blatant manipulation so I got short PDQ). Maybe Naz and his L2 stuff can????

Sorry if thats as much use as a chocolate teapot.

What about other stocks in the same sector/industry?


Thanks for the replies but if you look at my last post on this thread it was made over a year ago and I have moved on considerably since then. The thread has resurfaced because Socrates has shown an interest.



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Hello, I show an interest in it because you are asking people to do what they are either unwilling or unable to do. It's amazing. I'm gobsmacked. This is why there are 15 thousand
people seeking answers that they already have but overlook.
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Yes 333, follow my posts on no indicators to get the clue as to what is going on.


As it turns out I am working my way through the No Indicators thread at around 5 pages a day and I am currently up to page 30 but have not reached your posts yet. I will just have to wait to understand all the "esoteric riddles" that appear to be being posted.


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The best leading indicator i know of is jo public

As soon as a taxi driver tells me its a good time to buy XYZ or invest in a particular market then its too late.... "and if your so astute at this investing advice Mr. Taxi Driver, why are you still driving a taxi?"


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twalker said:
Bit of both actually

A leading indicator?????? hmmmmmm, I know one...it's called the Magic Ball indicator and I think it was developed by our very own BBB!!! He also developed the "dart board stochastic indicator"......


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Trader333 said:
As it turns out I am working my way through the No Indicators thread at around 5 pages a day and I am currently up to page 30 but have not reached your posts yet. I will just have to wait to understand all the "esoteric riddles" that appear to be being posted.


Hello, I promise you there are no esoteric riddles for the sake of riddles.
It is just that some individuals(because they are ready for it) immediately
snap at it and are able to have meaningful realisations,and, as a consequence
of this because thery are properly developed,
identify and ascertain hidden meanings in nanoseconds, or back engineered,
or whatever.

The others fall into three categories,

First of all we have the dunces, these fall into two sub divisions:
The rude and disrespectful and the imperinent and the impatient and so on,
and in the second category, also as a consequence of not being ready for it either.

The other lot.:

They blunder in and make posts out of context with what is being openly discussed,
but unfortunately for them it would appear as if it is written in a language that they do not
understand. But everything is explained very clearly, but very few understand it.

Then there is the third category: these are the serial snipers that patrol the boards,
looking for targets in which to make snide one liners of no value to anyone.

All of these get short shrift immediately.

We are only interested in identifying individual with special faculties.
We are only interested in individuals devoted to the pursuit of excellence
through self development, and not dunces, or snipers.

This is not our fault ~ it is theirs, but, I may add, as it is the fashion
of the age not to take any responsibility for one's actions wherever and whenever
possible, and to try to "dumb down" what ought not to be.

We are becoming inceasingly fussy as to who we admit and who not
to the highest level of darksiding, as we recognise, it is only for very few
who can aspire and then even fewer who can earn the right to be invited.
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