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Is the resolution comparable to CRT's? Are there any problems when configuring multiple monitors?(on windows xp home and integrated graphics!).Where are the best deals available?Is there that much difference between 17,18 and 19inch screens?Is the extra size worth the extra cash?
Hi jonny40

I have 2, 19" CRT monitors and a 17" TFT running on XP i use a dual head matrox card and a pci card with no problems the 17" TFT is hardly noticable in size diffrence to the 19" CRT's if you run dual monitors go for the matrox card its stable and easy to configure i purchased mine locally . all monitors are iiyama and work well.
cheers mark
jonnyy40 - If you compare 15" and 17" screens side by side the difference is huge. As marky says, a 17" TFT is the equivalent of a 19" CRT, so if you're happy with a 19" CRT then you'll be happy with a 17" TFT.

I run 2 x NEC 1760NX TFT's which the last time I looked were £395 from Technoworld, which at the time were offering the best deal on these. Definition is outstanding - and very much better than both the Hansol 710P and the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro CRT's that they replaced. No flicker, sharp text right up to the edge of the screen, no reflections, and a bright vibrant image. And best of all, no eyestrain!

I've put the 17" Hansol CRT alongside as a 3rd screen, and the difference is stark! Configuration with a Matrox G550 was easy and self explanatory.
I've recently bought a 19" GNR flat screen from ebuyer. IMHO it's a bargain at £395 + VAT.

The image is crystal clear and the screen and stand are well made and look brilliant. One of the best purchases I have made. Even my wife thinks it's great - and she is NOT easily pleased!!)

(Thanks to 'ford' from the chat room who pointed me at it )

Do you have to buy digital cables to run them,or will they work in analogue mode?
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Thanks Roger and all.I'm getting 2 dual-head pci cards from Novatech.Then it's just a question of 3 flat-screen monitors.It'll be funny if I turn out to be a bad trader?
Hi Guys

Currently the best value large screen monitors(19in TFt)are LG or even better the Samsung 191t,which is a truly excellent screen,not often reviewed,as they dont advertise too much.
Currently on mega offer at Pc world at £499 incl VAT incl 3yr warranty.

Happy trading..
Jonny40- I thought you had to have at least 1 AGP card in the system to get multi monitors working.....
I've got intel integrated graphics.The card I got was the Matrox g200 mms quad (pci). I'm now able to view this board on 3x17" NEC 1760NX's (As recommended by Roger) and have also found them to be excellent. The PC World engineer didn't load the Matrox cd but I just plugged in the monitors and windows xp did the rest!(Did I need such a card in the first place?)Apparently he did something to the onboard bios. I think I went for the quad card for swank value as I could have got 2x400 dual cards and saved money!But I wanted it now!I used PC World as the pc was still under warranty and I would have felt sick if I'd messed up and voided it.I can certainly recommend the NECs but when I first switched one on,I was horrified by the difference to my CRT monitor! However after maybe an hour,I 'got my eye in' and wouldn't go back. -- I definitely don't have an AGP. If I had it would have been the cheaper option!But I wasn't thinking of multi-monitors when I went into PC world on that cold winter's day!
He would have changed the primary video adapter to PCI , OR diasbled the on-board integrated graphics. Given that you have enough slots, buying a number of 8/16 Meg PCI graphics cards at £20 a piece is the cheapest route of all. I guess you could find 8Meg PCI cards for under a tenner on EBAY. That's what I used to run on my WIN 2K system...