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There is news today explaining why the Laura Ashley family placed 39,000,000 shares on the market yesterday. It has certainly kicked off a lot of activity in the stock. Is the Laura Ashley (ALY) story now one of recovery or is this all speculation?
a good question!

There seems to be a recovery situation and this combined with the general revaluation of the sector that seems to be underway appears to have led to institutional demand for the stock.

JD. has also seen director sales to satisfy institutional demand as I recall.

I suspect that this stock will perform well but I personally am wary of it - penny stocks attract wide spreads and tend to be volatile.

There are many other companies within the sector that offer good investment opportunities but if you decide to invest here I wish you good fortune.
Laura Ashley up again

At around 1:20 a trade of 14,000,000 was posted. My system showed it as a sale, below the mid price at 32p, but I think it must have been a buy as the share price was rising sharply at that time. It is up 9.02% so far today at 36p on a bid - it was 20p in mid April!

Added Note:

There is a rumour on iii BB that the Malaysian owners wish to take the company into private ownership. I have no way of verifying this, so treat it as that and watch developments.
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ALY on the move again

Sam are you still in here?

It looks like ALY is starting to move again...


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Hi Darth,

No I came out, but I have been watching this stock to see when/if it picked up again. Interesting software you use.



Just followed your link. I tried it out on NIS, which I was regretting buying the other day. It confirms my doubts. What a useful bit of analysis to give you a quick unbiased view.