Just joined: Hi


(apologies for the wall-text invasion)

Hi, i'm small_bites and it's nice to meet you.

I'm based in the UK and after plenty of search I'm super relieved to find a trading community cultivated from the homeland. Much of the 1-2-1 advice found already has been primarily from US traders who are undoubtedly less familiar with UK methods (although outside of compatible applications, they've been super helpful with general/expert know-how).

Current trading pursuit: I'm looking to scalp US/UK index components with a margin account (day trading). I'm hoping to get on board for an additional income stream built around an hour (or so) trading a day. I somewhat understand the risks involved and being a rational observer I have full intention to treat this as a learning process by sharpening up on risk assessments, strategies, market indicators/bulletins, pattern-based action, etc etc. Initially, looking to fund the trading account with £1000 (after demo), followed up with small trades to see how I get on . Eventually, if the P&L is in the green I'm willing to inject anything south of ~£25k (outside of detrimental risk).

Past trading experience: None. Just the odd investment over the years with long term stocks (via bank broker association). I've been looking into day trading (on and off) for over 2 years. Mostly the odd videos from some of the more seemingly credible traders. Eg. none of those over-hyped sales pitches selling millions, Lamborghinis, beach houses, or magical strategies/tools, etc. I'm just an ordinary bloke looking for an additional stream of income and anything beyond that simply feels unrealistic hence unappealing. Besides YT videos, since the first lockdown i've been reading a ton of material on investopedia/other.

Current profession: Mi6 black knight and SAS elite combatant. The world knows me as "if you see him coming, don't blink but then again you're already dead". LOL Just kidding (blame the EA battlefield franchise). I'm a self-employed importer and distributor of bread and butter clothing, accessories and a whole bunch of other consumer regulars when the time calls for it (seasonal gifts or packaging, household goods, etc). As a side hustle, I also continue to offer PC-build/repair/mod services to retained clients (from a previous partnership) and friends & family (etc). A couple smaller stakes in the "family" (dad and brother) property business too - something already working to build on and hopefully going the full mile in the long run (if they'll have me).

10-year visual: Far from retirement, just looking for a comfortable cushion with green asset securities and sufficient income streams for a comfy 50.

Hobbies: lol nah I won't bore you with that. Let's just say, getting married somewhat stripped half of those and then having kids makes the other half impossible. Nowadays I mostly look for "opportunities" to be left alone for some PC game action (got to put the 1080 TI to use)... or as sad as it may sound, covertly spending a couple of additional hours in the office to get a little game time before heading home (just in time for dinner or I won't hear the end of it).

Well that's me in a large nut without a shell.

TW2 plan of action: Looking for advice to get the ball rolling. At the moment, it's been a pretty arduous task to locate a decent broker. Some of them tick all the boxes (to my lack of insight) but turn up red with customer reviews. I will be posting up in the correct threads to get some more experienced overview or expert advice.

If you've come this far down... "THANK YOU for putting up with small_bites - that was a big one"
Welcome @small_bites :)

It's nice to meet you to.

Many Thanks for the 'text wall invasion' - probably the best introduction I've read in a long time.

Just holler if there's any specific help or advice you need, as I largely do very similar things to what you're planning.
(Swing-trading stocks).

All the best with your new 'hobby' !

Love love this fresh introduction as compared to other member. Hope you can spend time with us!