Journal of a 90% win rate trader


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Wanted to start a thread to save my screenshots of my live account profits and losses.

Been trading for over six years now, off and on.

Currently this is my second best year trading.

Very happy with my increasing trading discipline and progress.

It's very important to have a student mentality and to strive to keep improving.


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Hello, this is going to be my trading journal here.

I have been trading forex for almost 7 years, also known as DividendGamer, and Varkeer.

I started this new account to show a couple people at my job how I trade.

Funded it March 19th 2021 with $2,500.

For this week, I am at a 100% win rate for $523 over 7 trades.

Here is my current standings:

Total profits: $1,422

Win rate: 90%

Winning trades: 88

Losing trades: 10

total losses: $122

Don’t know how often during each week I will update this, but will keep it accurate and honest.

Cheers and happy trading!


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History of trades:

Week of April 22

94% for this week so far.

Had a bit of fun joking around with tiny trades.

I like to do little trades with one of the guys I talk with at work just to show him little ideas in action.

Number of trades 53

Winning trades 50

Losing trades 3

Profit $323

Loses: -$19

My next post on Saturday will show my current total after Friday, because I expect to make at least an extra $100+ before the market closes.


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Weekly total for April 24 ended up as:

Win rate 96%

Number of trades 67

Winning trades 64

Losing trades 3

Profit $762

Loses: -$19

New totals since March 19th:

Win rate 93%

Number of trades 161

Winning trades 149

Losing trades 12

Profit $2,114

Loses: -$192


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Week of May 1:

I had a busy week at work and got a few bad trades as a result of not being able to watch them close.

But my skills, is why I was able to recover 88% in a day and a half. So had a $200 loss for the week. No big deal.

That is why I can consistently make great week to week trades, I can recover and move on in the face of a bad trade like it is no big deal. Because I know that it is part of the game.

This is why everyone needs to read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.

I am a natural trader, who already had the template to be a master trader, even before I started.

Stay a perpetual student.

There is always more to learn, and ways to improve.


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Week of May 7:

This week was a great example of why you can’t let bad trades scare you off trading.

I had a few trades go against me on Monday and Tuesday, and cut them before they could hit my automatic stop loss points, but this still was like around $600 total lost.

But I knew I could make this up in no time, relatively speaking, so I just looked for new setups for the next day.

Mind you, I did take a break and went and did other things.

It is important to turn off and reset your mind.

So Wednesday morning I start trading, get a few nice trades, roll into Thursday and Friday get a few more.

I end the week up $400, from being down $600 on Tuesday.

You’re not always going to have perfect trades and results.

Life is messy.

But you can always keep working and improve from where you are.


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Week of May 11:

Account is now up to $5,468


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Week of May 15th:

Ended up with a $1k day on Friday and $2.6k for the week


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How I trade is a simple thing. The best way to trade well is to control the mental side.

I am a contrarian price action intraday trader.

I scale into my trades with a top down approach from monthly/weekly.

Look for good setups versus daily levels and entry off the hour, maybe down to 15 min if I really want to watch for the “shakeouts”.
But this usually is the type of thinking that is like trying to save money by driving to a much further away gas station to save a penny per gallon. When your bigger problems are all the other things you spend money on.

Really simple setups, why complicate things? I use naked charts even, TA didn’t help any of my relatives with stocks, etc or the guys I learned forex from.

I do read a lot of macro trends and news each morning, and read Bloomberg/WSJ/reddit.

There is no trick, just disciplined trading that fits my style. Most people probably couldn’t trade the way I do anyway. I have a very aggressive style.

This is a way for me to document my trades and meet people to talk with on discord.

Not going to go into more on static websites that take time go back and forth with, why I like typing/talking in discord live.

I have no ulterior motives, there’s tons of people who trade better than I do/make more money.

I am still learning and improving.

I just got comfortable trading over a $10k account size last year.


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Week of September 30:

Been busy with work (yay promotion lol ), and investing heavily into other assets (pulled my money out to invest), starting back up my forex now.

Threw in $100 Sunday night to get the cobwebs cleared out, up to $135 as of this morning.

Will start adding in around $500 a month I think.


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Here is a historical trade from March-April of 2020:

This was a good run I had earlier this year.


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Historical trade from end of August 2020:

This was a great week I had a little while ago.


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Historical trade October 3rd:

This was my second best week ever, in terms of profits.

Celebrating this weekend obviously lol


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Historical trade:
This was my best period last year in 2020, $20k+ in just about three months from August through October:


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Account right now is around $7,300. Made like $680 last week. Should be over $12k by May or earlier if things go well.

In case people got confused with me posting trades from a year ago, this is a journal that I have kept in real time on other forums, forexfactory mainly, also babypips and earnfx and recently elitetrader.

I am mainly using this as a way to save my trades in a place easily referenced. I am slowly drafting a few ideas for trading/investing/personal finance books, I used to be a dividend investment blog writer for a few years.

Typically I add $250-500 into my forex account each month, but if I am in the process of getting my funding ready for my stock account I will skip a month or two.

As I invest like I am my own "pseudo hedge fund", this is a unique novel approach that has enabled me to make a broad spectrum of investments into many sectors at times over the years.


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I dont get're going to keep a running journal of what you made in the past?
So sometime in 2022 you will eventually catch up to today?
And yet you tell us your current balance is 7300..why not just start your journal from today


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I dont get're going to keep a running journal of what you made in the past?
So sometime in 2022 you will eventually catch up to today?
And yet you tell us your current balance is 7300..why not just start your journal from today
I just posted all of my journal up to this point. Everything from here on out is current.

I wanted to have it stored on more websites in the event others shut down.
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