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Go for it and report back. If it's good stuff, I wanna know. If not, well I don't.

Can u message me too if it's gud? Ill give you some profits if I win big cos of it, promise. Cheers



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Who do you feel gives the best Penny stock advice?

Why do wanna trade penny stocks?

Most penny stocks are a scam. This is how it works..."They" take a big position and move the stock up, now it is on the "move" so they tell all their subsribers about it, and the see the move because of the large size (ie going from 20000 a day to 10000000 a day) so everyone starts piling on then it really takes off, and the person that told you about it bails and it drops and you left holding the bag, along with everyone else, but you saw the price rise, so you think well they were right, I just didn't time it right, but I won't make that mistake next time, so you bought into them again.

Don't waste your time.... the odds are way stacked against you if you are trying to make a fortune in penny stocks.
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