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Just found out that 'refco' and also 'project partners' are looking for trading desk assistants/a-level qualified trainee's.

This is EXACTLY the kind of opportunity I would love to be in as I haven't got a degree and would love to work my way up. BUT, I am currently in another job with WH Smith working in there offices as a supervisor, recently promoted and only been there a few months. I was thinking of staying there until the new year, whilst doing an evening course in written and spoken french and maths (just to brush up!). This I thought would give me a better grounding for applying for such positions within trading firms. However, I keep seeing advertisements in newspapers and on websites for these positions I can't help but think I should apply NOW. Will they eventually dry up, I'm worried I'll loose my chance!?

I have three A-Levels Economics, C, English, C, and Geography D and my maths is a bit hit and miss. Not the best but I feel my fascination for the markets would even out my chances. I don't have an extensive knowledge but am aware of the extreme basics such as how CFD's, futures and options work and also particular traits of the major indices, FTSE, Nasdaq etc. Would this be suffice for such a position?

ANY help/advice would be appreciated, I feel the only valuable responses to my siutation are only obtainable on this site as my friends/family have no idea!!!

Thanks in advance!
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why don't u apply first. Then, IF u get an interview, you can find out more details abt the job. Then, IF you get the job, then you can decide more. At that point you will know more abt whether it is an environement you like as well a pay package that is more suitable for you at this present time in life, as well as for your future ambitions.


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Do the Eurex Traders Examination. It's ten times harder than the UK's Futures & Options rep's exam (to really impress do it in German).

Exams are sat in Docklands (c £200).

Go to

Do the rest yourself (an unwritten exam).

Unlike here in the UK, all material is provided free - there's a lot, and the the quality is excellent. I reckon completion is equivalent to a year's head start on new entrants. And because it's German doesn't mean it's irrelevant for the UK - principles are the same and it's unlikely any UK brokers just stick to UK instruments.

US markets (totally irrelevant to the thread). For those who trade US stocks, take a look at
Best viewed during market hours.

Aesthetically, this has got to be the slickest site on the net. Now I know what's on those Star Trek flight deck monitors. Makes LIFFE's site look like a Blue Peter exercise.

Paul Headland

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Do you want to work at WHSMITHS all your life? If you want to gget into the markets apply for trading jobs.

I graduated last week from Uni, I began applying for jobs 12months ago, I went to interviews even though I wasnt sure if I wanted the job on offer.
I now have the job I want! Starting very soon.

If you apply now for everything that interests you then make up your mind when and if you get the interview.

As far as WhSmiths are concerned, they'll never know who you apply to, they may be a bit annoyed about taking time of for interviews but using holidays etc should cover this up.

In short, stay where you are now and keep looking and applying, when the ideal job comes up then go for it.

Dont do tomorrow what you can do today!


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dsmodi - great advice
Grant - Your post was a waste of time


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hear hear (I can still learn things)
Apart from the fact that Grant is right about the slick NYSE website.


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Thanks for the reponse guys-paul hope you have a good future ahead of you..grant-what the hell are you on about!?

any more opinions!?


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My advice would be to apply to as many adverts as you can find if you are considering a career in trading. Although there are many adverts out there at the moment it is extremely difficult to enter the markets as a trader. There are many more applicants than there are positions.

If you manage to get an interview/offer then consider your options.

As for your qualifications - yes it is much harder to become a trader without a degree, but it is definitely possible. I left school at 16 with just 6 GCSE's and I am now trading.

When applying to positions try to show them how much you want to trade and do your research!


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Could anyone recommend some books which explain the fundamentals of trading? I've read numerous books but they all seem to be pretty involved, I just need something to lay the foundations as it were!

Lucky, what sort of position did you manage to get at 16 and with those qualifications - well done mate!

cheers and thanks for the advice


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Search the net for trading/financial and you shall find a goldmine of resources. Top of the list should be New Market Wizards for an insight into the mind of successful traders.


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soosta said:
Thanks for the reponse guys-paul hope you have a good future ahead of you..grant-what the hell are you on about!?

any more opinions!?

What, is Eurex an irrelevant backwater? Have you actually taken a look?


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Grant I wasn't trying to be rude, I just didnt understand what you were saying, I do now! I think my first step would be to get an entry level position before doing any exams if you know what I mean!?

anyone know any good websites which may offer some sort of "crash test" in the basics of the markets..? or books for that matter

thanks for everyones insights by the way
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