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I have been browsing through www.amazon.com as our Us cousins appear quite happy to let you view sample pages.

This guy appears to have been around a long time and to talk sense.

In many ways he seems to be a contemporary of Elder with a slightly more lucid writing style yet he does not appear to have the same critical acclaim.

I wonder whether anyone has any views out there.

I have just invested the princely sum of £6.05 (including postage) for a second hand copy of his day trading book.



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I bought the book 5 years ago, when I had aspirations ( at that time) of giving up market making to become a day trader. I found the book too t/a orientated for me, but the writing style is a lot more accessible, than (say) Mark Douglas. Personally speaking in 15 years of buying and reading these trade books, I have yet to find anything as informative or usefull as either " market wizards" or " reminiscences of a stock operator"


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This was my very first book when I started out about 2 years ago. Some thirty or so books later, it remains one of the best together with the books WAYNO mentioned above.

And hey at £6 it's a bargain! (I paid around £30).
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