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It's slightly amusing for me to think that a year ago I was seriously considering pumping £7k of my hard-earned into a managed ISA!
It's slightly unamusing for me to realise that 2 years ago I DID pump £7000 of my hard earned cash into a managed ISA.:)

As of Friday, worth £4200.
I transferred all of my wife's and I's managed funds into a self select ISA/PEPs a few months ago. It felt bad crystallizing all those losses, but I've been "trading" with them since then using the I-shares FTSE-100 and managed to get back about 5k of the losses.

There's a round trip cost of £12.50 with comdirect as well as a someitmes large spread so you can't exactly day trade with them, but you can make profits selling as they rise and buying back when they fall. I don't think you will do any worse than a managed fund anyway.

If you want any more tips - just send me a PM.
Many thanks for your offer of assistance JLS483. However, I am really not competent enough to manage my own ISA (although sometimes it seems I couldn't do worse :mad:

At least it has, for the moment, come up from approx 3500!