Article Is Trading Low Volume Stocks Risky?

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Amid thousands of stocks actively trading in global markets, a significant percentage are very thinly traded stocks, in other words, stocks that trade irregularly at low volumes. Investors should be aware of the considerable risks of trading in these low-volume stocks.
One risk of low-volume stocks is that they lack liquidity, an important criterion in stock trading. Liquidity is the ability to be easily bought or sold in the market without a change in price. This means that a stock which is trading at $25 per share should be easily bought or sold in large amounts (say 100,000 shares) while still maintaining the price of $25 per share. For stocks, a good measure of liquidity is the average daily trading volume. In general, any stock that trades at fewer than 10,000 shares a day is considered a low-volume stock.
Low-volume stocks are harder to buy or sell quickly and at the market price. They are present in all segments including large-cap, midcap, small-cap, microcap, and nano cap...
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