Is the DAX bullish or bearish?


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Is the DAX bullish of bearish?

Morning All

Are there any indicators out there that demonstrate how the DAX is feeling, ie bullish or bearish at it's present time?
So far this morning it's bearish.....
For US stocks I use the tick and the trin, which is good for the afternoon, but what about in the morning?

Any help appreciated.



try a site called

they have a dax bull bear index-Its a german website .havent looked at it recently as i have lost toomuch money trying to short the dax last year!

good luck


by the way i forgot to mention the update is only done once weekly on a thursday if memory serves me correct .


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CD, there is an easy way to tell if the DAX is bullish or bearish! Don't tell anyone though because it's a secret passed down to me by my ancestors, and it has been well kept since the inception of the very first exchange - since the very first traded bag of rice traded by Mr Charlie Choy back in China 400BC.

Ssssh! make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder at the monitor before I reveal this!

OK, here it is.......

If the price is higher than the last price - thats bullish. If it's lower, thats bearish. Just apply that to what ever time horizon you are trading and you will be on the right side. You will also be streets ahead of people waiting for their lagging, but incredibly complex and sometimes expensive analysis packages. You will beat them to the trade every time. Trust me it works - but keep it under your hat ok.


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BBB don't let everybody know or there will be no free money left for any of us.
At the very least you should write an overpriced book and pad it out with 150 pages of drivel.


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BBB, thanks for that! I had been thinking about going back to using MACD,RSI,ADX,EMA,ABC,DEF and even GHI indicators, but thanks to your post, not only am I now away from the dreaded 666 posts I was on earlier, but I can also see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Forever in your debt,



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Dont worry guys - I'll settle for a beer. If you buy me two beers I'll tell you another secret - different order types, and how and when to use them! There's more types of order than market orders you know!


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FC - as it happens, yes. Went out last night with an old mate. Far too many beers. Good laaarf though.

I'm not hungover though, which is odd - I should be. Perhaps I'm becoming immune


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Hi guys,
@BBL lol very funny

The answer to the question "bullish" or "bearish" depends on the time scale you are observing DAX.
On a daily basis, when there is a lack news, DAX will be bearish, usually DAX reacts to German blue chip news(DCX, VOW), main German economic indicators,EUR/USD and mostly to US Data.
If you look at the 2 weekly chart, you'll see that DAX went bonkers on the US data.
Just like the American indices, during the opening hours, from 9-10:30, the indices makes two corrections......... one around 9:20-30 and the other around 10:25-10:30. During lunch time DAX schlepps along without any major trend moves. Around 2-3 pm(German time), people adjust their positions for the opening in the States. As soon as the US Markets open, you know what happens, everyone is looking at the US markets and trading accordingly...... If it's a Greenspan/Snow day......... the minute Greenspan or Snow blabber something about US dollar, the EUR/USD parity moves, and so does our DAX...
There is no TICK or TRIN for the Dax but you can use "accumulated bid" and "accumulated ask" instead. I am not sure if you can see "market depth" in your system, I do...


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Hi euroderivatives

Thanks for the info. I tend to watch US in the afternoons as everything follows it. Sometimes a bit difficult in the mornings to get an idea of how the market is generally 'feeling'. I use stochastics on a 1min chart and I've just started getting a feel for market depth. Overall it's a pretty reliable the moment.....

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