Is it good to use two Brokers


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Hello, I am not sure about this, but I feel like opening another account with another broker. I currently use **********. Although I have made a reasonable amount of money there, but I feel like splitting my profit in two and moving the other half to another broker. If you think this is ok, please recommended another reliable broker, where I can trade successfully as I do with **********.
I recommend using a few to rotate funds and keep them on their toes



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Use as much brokers as you can, probably through master account to avoid hassle with managing them all. Your click or trading decision should spread between them instantly in automated mode.


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Its always a good idea to split up the portfolio into two accounts if you have come considerable amount of money so that you can find some sort for security for yourself. I have more than two accounts. You may consider any well regulated and reputed broker for trading.

I think it is good to have accounts with two forex brokers, important that these brokers are in different jurisdictions.

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