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Just had a personal invitation from Vince, "for my eyes only", to attend a very special 2 day seminar, meeting some Market Wizards, ( March 21st/22nd), not sure if it includes lunch, all sounds great fun, but if I can't make it I can always buy the videos and workbook for £1995!!
Has anyone else got the invite?

Yes I get regular 'invites'. Usually the last for the year, so I will have to hurry and sign up or I might miss out :confused:
Yes, I get them, but I'm referred to as one of his 'inner circle' of loyal customers, despite never having bought anything from him :)
Me Too....

I get them as well.

I always use the first class envelope to return the contents to him.

Don't worry, Vince is very persistent and will send you something eventually. Then there'll just be you, me, and two thousand other close friends in his inner circle.