Inventions - why did it take soooo long to make it?


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Speaking of inventions, have you seen this?

Compressed air powered vehicles (including locomotives!) have been around for many years and it looks like they might get going this time. Makes me wonder if it is possible to trickle compress air locally using a renewable energy device and then you could fill up without using any fossil fuels at all.
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I invented a flying machine years ago but to get it off the ground ( excuse the pun ) is almost impossible - cost etc
I see the Yanks have had a government funded department for decades to get over just that problem by providing technical help and finance. C'mon Gordon a good idea for you !!


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Gordons too busy working out what to do with all the money he's nicked from the pension funds over the years. If you start seeing new cars and apartments for all MP's as well as 3 months holidays that may give you all a clue..............................


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"And biomimicry is the modeling of natural methods and processes in technological designs."

Name one animal that expands its chest to flap through the air. :cheesy:
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