Intraday back data and charting


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Hi guys
Just wondering if anyone knows how i can get hold of historical intraday data for the FTSE and DOW...

I want to be able to analyse this data also in some charting software (I currently use Sierra.. will that do?)

Also, it would be good if you could scroll through the price data like as though it were live.. I have seen this with Updata but it is too expensive for me.. what is the most cost effective way of doing this?

Thanks :)
For historic data you could do no worse than look at Mytrack. The data is really cheep. If you just want the delayed data then you can get away with the basic package at around $5 per month on the basic service.

It will go into SC very easily ans should be a be able scroll though the charts for your back testing.

This combination of SC is $40 for 6 months and mytrack $5 per month and is probably one of the cheepest.