Article Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich

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PM: = Paul Mullen (Interviewer)
AR: = Alan Rich (Stock Trader, Coach & Mentor)
You can listen or download this interview by clicking this link:
Alan Rich Interview mp3
PM: Hello to everyone from Trade2Win, this is Paul Mullen. I’ve today got Alan Rich with me and we’re going to be talking about trading, probably NASDAQ stocks more than anything else. Alan is a coach and a mentor and has been trading a long time. He has his own website and you can contact him there, at We’ll be talking today about what’s going on. A warm welcome to Alan. I’m glad that you’ve agreed to do this and I’d just probably like to ask you the first question, and that is why is it you trade NASDAQ stocks?
AR: I think I’ve been trading for a living for 10 years and I realized back in the end of the ’90s that if you trade for a living, you’ve got to go and find...
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