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The following interview was originally published in Trader’s Journal (TJ) November 2007 issue and is reproduced with their kind permission.
Part I: On Trading?
TJ: John, when and how did you get started into trading? JD: I got started in 1968 as a biology and physics teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was the Director of the teacher investment club with a $100 per teacher contribution in a pool and some hopes and dreams. I read Harry Browne?s book in 1970 about Nixon closing the ?gold window? for the USD. The title of Harry?s classic book is How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation and it changed my life and all I have touched in this space forever.
TJ: What did you find trading interesting?JD: The daily intellectual challenge of market change and the ?thrill of the hunt? captivated me. I cannot image a life without the global markets to trade and invest.
TJ: What was it like when you first started trading?JD: Hey, I lost money...
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As a rule of thumb, interviews with traders are generally very interesting and can be very insightful into the way the trader approaches the markets. Good interviewers can draw ideas and observations out of their subjects that the subjects themselves wouldn't otherwise think to mention. Unfortunately, this interview is not a good example of this. A whole swathe of it appears to be dedicated to promoting the Online Trading Academy, making it more of an extended sales pitch than a gritty, revealing interview about trading.

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An untheasably large advert. Bring out the gimp..

Wuuuhaa, wuhha haa, ha, wuhhaa haaa..... Well good old JD sure offloads when asked about the Trading academy. I wasn't expecting that to happen.

Not a very subtle advert I must admit but I score it 2 for content 8 for brass cohonas starting section 2 thinking they could get away with it. And then 1 for actually thinking they could get away with it. 10 for the person who had to type it up. you should be able to claim for an RSI or something. (injurylawyers4u.wobblynet)

I come away pondering this.... who is TJ ? As already mentioned a couple of posts up a good interviewer can draw good info at times and I would like to know what subtle massage technique was going on at section 2 ? As clealry at that point JD unleashes forth a great torrent which is not unconsiderable in size.

Now I ask my self this is this TJ was Jack D.Schwager interviewing for his new market wizard book I imagine at section 2 or possible end of 3'rd part section 1 he would , from his "special pro lux" interviewers bag remove the following...

1.) Big roll 4 inch gaffer tape
2.) ACME office chair with wheels complete with plate glass auto penetrating pistons.
3.) mp3 player with auto cue and looped "bring out the gimp pulp fiction music playing"
4.) ACME handy jotter instuctions for ejecting naff subjects from high rise buildings.

This is the section in The market wizards book were Jack simply says "some traders I feel were not suitable for inclusion, so I've left those out"

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"TJ: In terms of personal characteristics, do you think there’s a certain type of individual who makes a better better trader than others, or do you think everybody is capable if doing it?
JD: We have found in the last 10 years of running Online Trading Academy that the Asian community has the best traders. Why – because they are smart, focused and disciplined. "

This guy is a complete Tool !..go back to sleep JD



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Nice one John, glad to see you've got your school up and running in Mumbai. Love to hear how yer students are getting on over there.
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