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:-0 Hi I've been invited for an interview with a pro trading firm as follows.

"We are looking to recruit 10 - 20 high calibre traders who will contribute to the futures desk from a very early stage. While first hand experience of actual trading is not absolutely essential, the following characteristics are:

* An unrivalled commitment to succeed.
* A thorough understanding of the financial markets
* An understanding of technical analysis and / or financial models.
* Excellent numerical & mathematical skills

Each new trader will undergo intensive training over the first two months. Beginning in a simulated market environment and progressing to live trading as soon as their profitability and consistency merit it. Training and development will be ongoing throughout the 30 month initial contract.

Please note this is NOT a salaried role. Each trader will receive a generous percentage of their net trading profits on a monthly basis. As such we feel it only fair to stress that in order to give themselves enough "breathing space", candidates should be able to support themselves in London for up to 6 months.

All capital will be invested by the company. No initial investment is required by the trader.

Trading Style:
The traders will be intra-day trading on designated products on core exchanges. Position size limits and daily targets / stop levels will be set by the company."

Their will first be a written test and then an interview.

1) Working for a Prop trading firm &
2) Preparing 4 d test. Its on Mon 3/11!
30 months is well above the norm!

A lot of firms do 2 years, but 2.5 years is stetching it a bit much. Then again, it depends on the training and profit-split they offer.

As for the tests, what firm is it? May have worked there.

ok, seguna, so someone is gonna train you and supply the money for you to trade with - how hard is that to figure as a good deal!!!

and prop firms really train you over months - to their style of trading - still only a few make it - but its teh prop co's time and money on the line - and this is the only way you learn - in a real trading enviroment - and with real traders ( note - real training - real traders - who are in a real trading enviroment)

of course they end up screwing you if you are only average or less - but if you are a good trader - you can get whatever deal you want in the end

dont hesitate - the others wont and then you will spend the rest of your life discussing trading the dow with spreadbetting for 10p a point or whatever the **** it is
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Thanx guyz. Went for the interview and it was quite laid back. They basically discussed and explained their purpose, trading style and expectations. I'm thru to second interview next week. The test was fairly straight forward and focused on spreads, arbitrage and why u want to trade futures professionally etc. Its only to be used as a filter tool if necessary - wont get u in or out.
Well done seguna and good luck for next week.

Where did you see the advertisment?

Maybe you already know or someone else can explain what the training involves.

Does it involve chart patterns, trend lines, support/resistance or is it more about risk control?

it may worth mulling over what sort of psychological/aptitude
tests you feel they may have in mind.
Pattern recognition and complex mental numeracy may feature strongly.

Plus energy,enthusiasm and commitment to succeed.
Lots of commitment.

This is commission only !
I did a piece on that subject some time ago but can't remember
which thread it is on.

Best of luck.

PS: just found it
June 7th.
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