Interest Rates pleasee helppp!!!!!!!


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Hello everyone, my name is Alan and i have just recently started to learn how to trade, however i am stuck on a few questions and wondering if anybody can help me i would be very grateful. The questions are as follows

S.T.I.R Products.
The key contracts.
How STIR prices are derived.
The relationship between contract prices and interest rates.
The letter and colour symbols used for specific months & years.


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I have no idea what your first two items are, as they look more like statements than questions.

1) STIR prices aren't really derived, but rather are determined by the market. They are a reflection of the mkt's risk-neutral expectations of where LIBOR rates are going to fix on the contract maturity dates

2) Contract prices for most STIRS are based on a simple formula of Contract Price = 100 - Fixing Rate

3) The color codes are simple (this is for the quarterlies): first 4 contracts are whites, next 4 are reds, next 4 are greens, then blues, then golds, etc.


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Thanks mate ohh i ment;

The short term interest rate products and their key contracts

Thanks so much bro


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Hi, can anyone explain how queue position works in Eurodollar futures contracts? In simple english please because I have found CME's explanations difficult to understand. Thanks
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