could someone please recommend a book on understanding charts, mainly on daytrading the footsie and dow.
nothing too heavy.
Info.. Finspreads are now sending out letters to old and new customers to tell them that they are only offering a maximum of 8 weeks at a minimum 1p a point stake size, after this 8 weeks, the minimum stake size will be 50p a point. Finspreads also say in the letter, If old and new customers do not agree to take up the Trading Academy for 8 weeks, then they will be placed on the 50p stake at once.
I agree with JohnnyT. The posts on this site are excellent for helping newbies to gain a greater understanding of charts.

As far as books go, I've recently read Murphy's Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and Nison's Japanese Candlestick Trading Techniques . Both brought lots of things into sharper focus for me. They are two authors who not only know their subject but can explain it clearly and logically to the lay person.

I second the comments re Murphy - thumbs up to that one for making a potentially boring subject eminently readable
Good morning,

I was talking yesterday, during my 9 holes about trading and she posed the question:

"I've been running my own SIPP for a year"

"Very well" I asked

"Not bad" was her answer, "but I did not like paying the charges"

"O right" I said (thinking we all have to pay charges)

not to look a fool I said nothing (missed a two foota)

Then came to my surprise "I pick shares that pay a dividend"

"of coarse" hooking the ball into the trees.

Would someone tell me How do now when to be in a share in time for the dividend to be paid, so it can pay my costs too!!


I got beat two and one

If you know all this then apologise, as long as you are in the stock long before the Ex entitlement date then you will receive the dividend, if short then the dividend is deducted.

Now if your question was more regarding how do you know when a stock is going ex it depends on what you are after.

I regularly get an up to date list of stocks going ex the coming week, this is not free but is exceedingly useful.

If you want specific stocks, then one way is to look at the company websites and that usually has all the info requierd.

Let me know if you want anyfurther info, good bit of dividend scalping never did any harm.