In This Thread, we post sensational rumors about the British Royal Family

Actually, it was very easy to know who, allegedly, they were talking about - you just need to be able to read between the lines.

Journalists on newspapers have great fun, and if they are prevented legally from printing their stories they just go out of their way to drop huge hints.

An example was when Jack Straw's son was associated with drugs. They couldn't name the child, or the parent, but illustrated the story with the minister responsible for drugs, Jack Straw, although he wasn't referred to in the article. So you put two and two together, and you have a fairly good idea. Then when the legal restraints were lifted the story ran, and it was Jack Straw's son.

This current story on the front page of the Mail on Sunday was accompanied, covering virtually the whole of page two a poll about Prince Charles together with a picture. No other 'senior royal' was photographed.

The other thing that they did last week was quote the young Princes saying something along the lines of "does that mean everyone will think that **** is gay." It doesn't take much knowledge to know that they call their father Papa. If it had been any other senior royal, there would be more asterisks, as Andrew, Edward, Philip are all 6 letters.

The clues are always there.
yep - but they do need more astericks if they want to get the name right

and apparently, the other issue is that it had been snowing rather heavily in the car when the horrible crash took place
please prepend the following sentences with the word "allegedly" :D

hey Skimble, i have it on very good authority that a Michael Fawcett is the dude who's obtained a court injunction against (amongst other papers) the Guardian to prevent publication of the story blah. This is FACT, trust me on this (i was right about that Charlton Cole soccer player, right? :cool: )

i remember when Lady Di's butler was charged with theft blah and the case collapsed at the eleventh hour coz Queenie and Charlie Boi 'suddenly remembered' that Butler Boi mentioned to them in private that he intended to take a bunch of Lady Di's possessions into safe keeping blah. Rumor has it, Butler Boi cut a deal with the Royals along the lines of "if yuo don't get me off the hook, i'm gonna spill the beans about yuor gay sex with Fawcett blah" and that's why Butler Boi couldn't mention that debacle in his book, coz he had signed an agreement to STFU over that particular event

and more rumor has it, after her divorce from Charlie Boi, Lady Di was banging Canadian rocker Bryan Adams

- Car Key Boi :cool:
I used to live in the vicinity of a certain royal residence, and local dinner party gossip was rife about a certain incident which, to my amazement, has never even been hinted at publicly. This was, I'm guessing, 9 or 10 years ago so there's been plenty of time for suggestions to filter out.

I did find, however, that although these and other things were common knowledge on the dinner party circuit, no-one would ever consider divulging that information outside of the circle as that would be just too vulgar. And that includes me! LOL
do people really not know which one is pillow biter? it has not been hidden and its real obvious when you thing about it - but dont choose the too obvious contenders
hey, yuo know this gay bishop debacle that's split the Christian Church? well, isn't Charlie Boi the head of the Church of England or some such blah?
Almost.... It's the Queen. Maybe that's the same thing...... :cheesy: :cheesy:
ChartMan said:
Almost.... It's the Queen. Maybe that's the same thing...... :cheesy: :cheesy:

haha, nice play on the word queen :cheesy:

but seriously, when this story explodes - and it will - and say Queenie was to die - and she will - eventually, Charlie Boi would become King, right? and i presume he'll become head of the Church of England, right? well, if a single gay bishop can cause so much damage to the Christian movement, imagine what will happen when Charlie Boi is head of the Church of England...
probably nothing will happen.

oh the media will have a field day of course
but with so many puffs in parliament and in the church already
they will no doubt all put some suitable spin on it and we will all
move on to the next scandal.
Princes of Wales have always had lively and scandalous reputations, all through the ages.
And so has the Church whether Anglican or Roman.
Great thread.
It just confirms that the net is closing and first overseas than at last UK media can "out" the Royal family. But lets face it, nothing new under the sun! Among "continentals", if I may generalise, and probably also here, it is common knowledge that gay activity/experimenting among "upperclass" public school boys runs at 25% as compared to 10% elsewhere. And many can't kick the habit! Wasn't dandy am english word?

Anyway another wellknown "rumor": I am sure you all have noticed the remarkable lack of physical likeness of Andrew and Prince Philip? Well there happens to be some earl or viscount (I believe he passed away a few years ago) who was a friend of family, who shared many physical features with Pr Andrew.
rumor about Lady Di and Bryan Adams CONFIRMED!!

Adams coy on Di affair
November 6, 2003

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Canadian singer Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams had an affair with Princess Diana in 1996, the year before her death, an ex-girlfriend of the Canadian singer has claimed.

Former Bond girl Cecilie Thomsen made the allegation in an interview with Danish magazine Billed Bladet.

It tallies with a claim by former royal butler Paul Burrell that a famous musician was among Diana's nine "gentleman friends".

Adams did not deny the allegation, but told British newspaper the Daily Mail: "Miss Thomsen doesn't know anything about my friendship with Diana, nor does anyone else. Anything you have read from these reports is pure conjecture and supposition."

He wrote a song, entitled Diana, before meeting the princess, describing how she "drove him wild".

Thomsen, 28, who dated Adams for 12 years, now says the affair was one of the reasons she ended her relationship with him, although the final parting took place only last year.

"I knew Diana had an affair with Bryan," the Danish actress told Billed Bladet.



"Bryan knew Paul Burrell very well and Paul was part of the inner circle around Bryan, and he also introduced him to Diana. The first time Bryan met Diana I wasn't invited.

"Ours was a stormy relationship and Bryan's affair with Diana didn't make it easier. The affair was in 1996 after Diana's divorce with Prince Charles," she added.

Thomsen described how she sat "with mixed emotions" next to Adams at Diana's funeral service in Westminster Abbey.

The actress, who appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies, caught Adams' eye at a concert when she was 16.

Adams, who turns 44 today, has achieved worldwide success with songs including Heaven, Run To You, Summer of '69 and 18 Till I Die.

The Mail said he remained friendly with the royals, and two years ago photographed the queen for a collection of Canadian stamps. He has also been involved in a number of events for the Prince's Trust, the charity run by Prince Charles.

Burrell's book, A Royal Duty, has resuscitated old rumours about Diana and added a few more.

His hints that he has information about homosexuality at Charles' court - which he says could seriously damage the monarchy - have led to court cases, with a former royal servant successfully applying to the courts to prevent the Mail and the Guardian from publishing information.
In my opinion this thread demeans an otherwise honourable site and the inherent prejudices of some members are shamefully exposed.

It's incredible that while some threads of more relevance to the function of the site have been pulled, understandably attracting some criticism and speculation, this one is permitted to continue. Are there not double standards here?

The lawyers among us may be inclined to advise a little restraint and caution, if only for the sake of the Moderators. To permit a thread of this nature to develop along established lines where the recipients of the vitriol are in no position to respond, undermines the status of this Board and is likely to cause embarrassment to many of its members.

Why should the Royals be exempt from the media?

They should be abolished then that way it wouldn't be a problem would it.

If any of these alleged stories have any substance then the monachy is indeed doomed.
I think you will find the monarchy have weathered storms
a great deal worse than this and still come through with flying colours.

Doomed ?, hardly.
I will vote against them next time we have an election:) . If we do have to have a monarchy, and I can't think of one good reason for it, we should be able to change them every now and then. My failed CSE history is a bit poor but I do remember in the past England was invaded a few times and the monarchy was overthrown. How long are we going to be stuck with this lot?
I agree with seancass. I'm no fan of the Royal Family, but to pull a wonderful thread like the "Typical day's trading in the US" from a traders site, whilst leaving potentially libelous threads like this, from which we can learn nothing useful, seems perverse.