importing to excel?


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Does anyone know of a plugin, application or method that can convert system test outputs into a form importable by excel?


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I am talking specifically about Metastock. I have been doing a lot of system tests and want to analyse the output in various ways on excel. Metastock is weak when it comes to portfolio testing, and this is what I want to check out. I can export information into a text file with metastock, but they have done a very poor job on its output. The text isn't fixed width or coma separated.. its just a congealed mess. It needs manual editing to make it useful. So i was wondering if there was a plugin a something out there that takes metastock test output and converts it into a more useable form.


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Only just come across this thread hence late entry. Try highlighting the test results (highlight the top result, then press Ctrl A to take the rest in), copy, and then paste it into Excel. I totally agree with you that the portfolio test reporting is weak. What one actually wants is a complete report for the test which covers all the stocks used, added together.

Have you as yet cracked all the rules for when the test buys and sells (today, tomorrow, on the open, close, etc etc)? I find it thoroughly confusing !
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