I'm confused, can anyone help?


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When screening for stocks using various website screening programmes, ie The Telegraph and Digital Look, the search results give a list of companies that match my criteria (ie certain P/E ratio and dividend yield ranges), however when I click on the link to take me to the individual company page the information given (particulary PE ratio and dividend yield in this case) is different to that I screened for.

Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Many thanks in advance.


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What I found is most screener sites as well as current data sites have a difernt percentage od reporting brokers. Meaning that different brokers have different reports and it is more an issue of which report is being used to generate the information.

That said, each site tends to use a similar sample of brokers to generate information and each sample is typically better suited to specific sectors based on those brokers trading habits(mostly as a whole of a brokerage) and skill.

I like finwiz. It is a well rounded site that concentrates on earning and and financial data. Where another site might be more appt to have morw accurate trading data such as shorts and accurate times and sales data


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. . . Does anyone have an explanation for this?
Hi Dave,
Welcome to T2W.

I'm inclined to agree with bredin. In my experience the issue you mention is commonplace on many websites that offer some sort of filter. Any property website that I've used suffers from this; e.g. stipulate that you're looking for properties within a 20 mile radius of Plymouth and it produces properties in Bristol and beyond.

Back to stock screeners - if you trade U.S. equities there are some reasonable ones out there which are free. However, if you're filtering for U.K. equities, then the options aren't as great and you may have to pay to get what you want. If you're not familiar with ShareScope - they are excellent and good to deal with - well worth a look. You'll get exactly what you want with them - plus a whole lot more!
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