If you went back in time 15yrs How would your Trading strategy Change?


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If you can go back in time 15 years, how would you trade differently? I'll add that while you've grown in knowledge, you don't have the fore knowledge of what individual stocks will rise, that'd make it too easy.

So Bam, back to the past, its 1997, you've got money sitting in the bank and 15 or so years of trading experience. What are the differences in how you'd invest this time around versus what you did back then?



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i'd have computers that worked.......and i'd be able to remotely access them from work .......that would have been nice ......real nice !


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I'd be much richer today if I simply held my stocks for a much longer time, rather than sell for a measly 5-10% profit like I did back then.


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If I could go back in time instead of a single portfolio with the idea to 'make money', I'd have several portfolio. One on solid long term gains, another on shorter plays, a third to capture and grow dividend yield.

These days I particularly envy some of the old timers who bought boring stocks, reinvested the dividends and now have high yield cash cows paying 10 to 15% a year on there original investment in relatively safe money. Such portfolios are a decade in the making and aren't totally hands off but its they're as worthy a goal as finding the next 2 or 3 bagger.

I think I'd trade less, and watch longer cycles and moving averages then shorter.


I'd have followed Dentist007 and his P&F thread, he'd still be posting 15 years back :cry:
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