If you do NOT wish to receive pop up messages follow these simple Instructions.


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If you do NOT wish to receive pop up messages follow
these simple Instructions.

XP Home Edition

Go to start - settings - control panel. Double click Administrative
tools, Double click Services, scroll down and double click messenger. Click on radio button under startup type (Normally set to automatic) Click on disabled, click apply, click ok.


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Cannot be done the same way on ME or 98 as they do not run 'services'

You must be crazy to be running on either of these comparitively unstable platforms!



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Hi JT,

Well I'm finally upgrading to XP Pro after my Win 98 machine has become unstable yet again. It keeps freezing, hasn't done it mid trade yet but it's almost bound to at some point.


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Shutting down the Messenger service in Win 2000 or XP will probably only prevent popups generated using Microsoft's Messenger service.

Popups come in lots of different flavours, many just being simple (but equally irritating) adverts. These aren't triggered via Messenger so will still appear even though you may have shut off this service on your PC.

There's lots of popup killer freeware on the Web though very few if any seem to kill everything. If you're keen to try something this one looks interesting though I've not used it myself:


Also I see from their current ads that AOL's latest software is supposed to stop popups.....but then again who wants to use AOL :~}



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Simple fix for WinXP messenger pop-ups : enable the standard WinXP internet firewall. The pop-ups cease to pop-up.


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A simple fix for non-XP users is to hold ALT and F4 simultaneously when the pop up appears, it instantly closes the popped up window. You need to be very careful though, if you leave your fingers on the buttons too long it will close the previously opened window and the one before that and the one before that, etc until you have no windows open, including a possible trading platform!! Use with caution, but it does work.


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I'll second Bonsai's suggestion - these days I'd be lost without the google toolbar, which not only allows you to quickly search right from your browser toolbar but has a few other tricks up its sleave like blocking site popups.
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