Ideas for New Trading System


Dear All,

There are some incredibly talented and experienced people on this web site.

Trading is unfortunately not one of my skills (as can seen by the recent share competition), however I am a software developer by trade.

I am in the process of developing a trading system that incorporates quantitative investment research models and technical analysis indicators.

Please can you add ideas about what you would class as being your ideal trading system. What functionality would you find useful and most importantly if there's functionality you would like to see that's not currently offered by other systems on the market.

Any ideas adopted will automatically make you eligible for a share of the profits once the system is marketed.

I guess you should start implementing and backtesting trading systems on your own. No one is going to give you access to a profitable system.
My award goes to Ansariz for being the most patient member on this site, if not the entire planet. He asks a question. And waits. For over 11 years to get a response.

If he responds, I am going to take it as a sign that something is badly wrong somewhere in the space-time continuum and I'll make an early start on the weekend by sticking some powder up my nose. Surreal just doesn't cover it.
I think the OP has long gone. I wonder if he made a profitable system though ?

I sent him a pm but expect no answer
He was actually on here last just a few months ago. Jun 22nd. Obviously plays the long game.
Something a lot of platforms don't offer in equities which I love is a DOM. I prefer it over Level II layout.