Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Finland?


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I plan to travel to the northern Europe this summer and am trying to decide which country to go in the four countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Finland.

Basically I would like to visit a country wherein:

1. It is safe for individual tourists;
2. If a visa/entry permit is required, it is relatively easy to obtain such a visa/permit;
3. People there generally know English and speak understandable English;
4. Hotel and transport fees are acceptable; the national price level in the country is also reasonable, i.e. things there are not much more expensive than those in the UK.

Currently I am collecting their respective information, but if you have personal experience etc, can you please advise me?

Many thanks indeed.
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1. All are relatively safe
2. If you're a UK passport holder, you don't need visas for any (I assume you're just going on holiday)
3. Have you seen any of their footballers in post match interviews? They all speak better English than their British colleagues!
4. Sweden is marginally the cheapest. If you like to imbibe alcohol then Iceland is very expensive and Finland also.Norway is more expensive than the UK also. I'm not sure about transport costs. Hotel costs are generally okay .You could travel to more than one of those countries. Also if you are in Helsinki it would be a shame not to nip over on the ferry to Tallinn in Estonia-A great city!

Finns are very melancholic. I'd slit my throat if I spent too much time in the company of a Finn.

Enjoy your trip and don't forget your umbrella.


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Hi dagsyk,

Thanks really. In this case, I hope my English would not be shameful when compared with theirs. :D

Alcohol will not be a concern as I do not drink; I was worried because I heard that tax could be rather high in those countries.

BTW, does it rain a lot there? I did not figure this out from the information I had, but then I have just started finding out about those countries.

Thanks again.


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Sorry! I mentioned bringing an umbrella somewhat lightheartedly!. I went to Bergen August bank holiday a few years back and I have never seen such darkness caused by rain in even a bad English winter- and this is in a Norweigan summer! Rely on your books/other research on the weather not me!

Scandinavia has long since had a reputation as an expensive region to visit- high taxes et al. However, Tony Blair PLC has become so expensive to live in these past few years (even with low interest rates) that Scandinavia no longer seems so bad.


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"Finns are very melancholic. I'd slit my throat if I spent too much time in the company of a Finn"

Except on the mid summer solstice...when you just have not seen anything like it in your life.300 plus days of 'proper' behaviour all to be erased in one night..or at least they give a good example of trying to do that..LOL..if you have a chance don't miss it..but don't eat the bear


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clylbw - Not been to Finland, but Norway & Iceland I much prefer to Sweden. Just a personal opinion.

Iceland is incredibly different, fun and unusual in many ways. People are great.

Norway maybe marginally ahead on all-round everything.

Visit both!!!


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All of these countries are very appealing for their landscapes, natural features and cities etc. for one reason or another. Though as yet haven't been to any myself :( . If you go to Scandinavia, you may get the chance to pop into one of the neighbouring countries, whereas this wouldn't really be possible with Iceland!
All seem pretty expensive compared to the UK also. But whats money for if its not for enjoying?! :cheesy:

Have fun whatever you decide :!:


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Many thanks to all of you indeed.

Hi chump, may I ask which specific day are you referring to? Sorry for my lack of knowledge. :p

Hi Tony, yes I am definitely thinking about Iceland. A previous friend of mine visited there several times and was totally fascinated by the natural scenes there.

Hi jtrader, I would like to visit all of them if I could, but my bank account simply refuses to co-operate. :cheesy:


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It varies,but it falls between 20 to 22nd June ..night becomes day..extraordinary if you have not experienced it before..personally I like the Finns a lot..they have an approach to words we just don't have anymore...they don't prattle on for the sake of it and they think very seriously about what they do say and as such they tend to respect any promises they make..visit if you can..


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I' ve been to all. Primarily the capitals.
In summary,
Iceland: Great, beautiful and expensive. Ideal place for a long weekend! Unless you want to be on your own in rough nature.
Finland: I would agree with comments by others. Beautiful but stick to the coast as the inland lake areas can be very midgy (likle Scotland butr worse). Also, Finland is quite far away if you are going by car!! But can be combined with visit to St petersburg (not so safe).

I would choose between Sweden and Norway as they are nearest, can take car and can combine both if desired. Fjords are spectacular and considering you are a non-drinker they are affordable. Weather is as uncertain as UK. But watch out the Gothenburg area which has repuitation to be one of wettest areas in Europe.
Both are great for camping or renting woodcabins etc. Super fishing, sailing, tracking etc, etc. very outdoors.

I am still trying to convince family that we should go one year for the family holiday.
Hope you have a great time.
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